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Cre8sArt School

236 Rock Rd. Glen Rock, New Jersey, 07452
(201) 500-4494
Contact Name: Max (Mher) Khachatryan

Cre8sart School offers art classes and enrichment programs to public and private schools, tailored to the age group of your students, starting at the age of 3. Our objective is to spark creativity, imagination, and improve technical and motor skills. Student’s will engage in fun/easy-to-follow art projects involving drawing, painting, clay, and crafts. Our instructors will demonstrate projects step by step, and work with students to make sure they go home with a project they are proud of. Cre8sArt School gives the students a chance to express themselves; it gives them a voice.

Art is essential for any human being as it provides them an outlet where they can express who they are, and who they want to be.

Creative and artistic thinking allows the students to take control of something. At this age teenagers are still told what to do and how to do it, both at home and school. They crave the chance to have some freedom of expression and make some decisions on their own.

Our classes are designed to help in developing important artistic skills in drawing, painting and observing. Students will explore their own creativity and their own style.

Through class work and group discussions, students will develop new analytical vocabulary, conceptual thinking, and will learn to discuss their artwork.

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